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The Weird, Funny.. and Bizarre!

Brought to you by: The Editor
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School Yearbook


School Yearbook

School Yearbook


This is a yearbook that someone was selling on Ebay a while ago. I guess they figured it would sell faster if they showed a page with a spanking on it. Well.. it did sell!




Here's a close-up of the picture in question. It looks like it's from a play or musical called "Men Are Like Street Cars". I did a few searches, but can only find a blues CD under that name.




arts & crafts

Spanking Arts & Crafts

Somebody has been bad.






Halloween is coming

Remember folks, when choosing a costume, pick something with a little spanking appeal.


For guys & girls looking to spank:

School teacher with cane, mean priest or nun with cane, a pirate with a flat sword. Trust me, especially for the teacher costumes, you will have women bending over for you without even being asked.

For those looking to get spanked:

The classic school girl outfit and french maid costumes are guaranteed to be a hit ;-).

Don't worry about being called a spank-slut. You can simply blame your actions on Halloween.. just like a drunk blames his behaviour on alcohol.






Starter Kit


Spanking starter kit..


For those of you looking to try a little spanking in your relationship, here is some friendly advice..


Enough said.





Game Show?

Spanking Game Show

I have no idea what is going on here, but I like it. Maybe it is some sort of audience participation thing on a beach.. who knows?


This beats a wet t-shirt contest in my opinion. I wonder if the other girls got spanked too. I will do a little searching and try to update you folks on the situation.


Sorry for the small picture.. it's all I have at the moment.




just begging for it


Just begging for it..

Some young ladies walk around all day just begging for a guy to spank them.


They purposely do bratty and naughty things hoping they will get caught and put over your knee.


Guys, you must learn to spot these bad girls and hand out the discipline accordingly. Here is your first test:


Is this girl doing anything wrong in this picture?










Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Just read the hat.



Until next time..
The Editor