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Top Spanking Story

Well if that don't beat all. World's first robotic spanking machine for sale.

So you've had a long day at work, come home, and the wife or girlfriend is being a brat...just begging for a spanking. What do you do? Spank her of course! But what if your just too plum tuckered out to even raise your hand over your head, let alone the energy to dish out a good spanking to your bad girl? Well, the folks at DD Machinery have the answer for you.

Protected by patent and two years in the making, the Robospanker will not only tan naughty behinds, it is supposedly an excellent way to work out and stay fit as well.


While in a standing position, the hands are strapped to a little trolley car that slowly glides up a track bringing the person to an almost tip-toe position. Then the trolly travels back down the track, until the miscreate is in a bent over position with their hands almost touching the floor.... And then.....WHACK! A paddle crisply smacks the errant behind and the whole process starts over again.
A very cleaver idea indeed!
Now I have seen a few other spanking machines before, but this is the first that actually puts the person in a bent over position, and then gives them a swat.

Built to last the Robospanker is powered by a 1/4 hp electric motor, and is constructed out of 1 1/2 inch steel tubing. The Robospanker also comes with a one year parts and labor warranty, and the manufacturer says that due to its heavy duty construction it should be dishing out firm spankings for years.

I can't help to let my imagination go wild with things I would like to see added to this device. Like a built in speaker to scold the bent over brat between swats. It could say random phrases like: "I hope your learning a lesson!" and "Are you going to behave?" Also I'm sure the folks from the UK would want a cane attachment of some sort...those cheeky monkeys!

Still not convinced? Well if you live in the North Carolina area, the website says your welcome to drop by and try it out. I wonder if they plan on putting out an infomercial on late night T.V too. I'll stay up to watch it!

You can see the Robospanker in all its glory at:

The Editor


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