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Quick News

Spanking Ad and Women Groups Don't Mix

The Editor
The Spanking News

When a fashion store chain in South Africa launched ads that everything in their stores would be "brand spanking new" a few women groups complained. Not just because of the catch phrase, but because the posters in stores and a game on the YDE website featured a woman in a spanking pose..red bottom and all. The spanking flash game also allows visitors to spank the naughty bottom with a paddle for points.
One thing I forgot to mention is that the posters show both a woman and a man posing in this position, and the spanking game allows you to choose between which gender to spank.. I picked the woman of course because they have nicer hineys. For a look at the posters and a interesting article, check out this cool page. To play the game visit : http://www.yde.co.za
So did the fact both male and females were getting spanked make a difference with the women groups.. the ones crying "Violence towards women"? Nope. I guess they don't have a problem when it is a man getting spanked. This ad containing spanking, as with others by different companies used in the past are made because they get your attention, and are fun. Not to encourage anyone to commit violent acts against others.

I honestly think that if everything was left up to these "groups", all women would be forced to wear long black outfits with bonnets on their heads. As with anything else, it should be up to the public to decide when it comes to advertising. If you don't like a certain marketing plan you can send a message by simply not buying the product or service. Companies hate spending money on ads when they know they are not working. But trying to force your own personal beliefs on people has never worked out well in the past. In the end, all that is accomplished is you leave that person wanting so desperately to see what you are trying so hard to hide.

So for all you people reading this who live in South Africa (from my logs there are 1000's of you who visit this site every month), and those who are not offended by the marketing, show your support by visiting YDE stores, buying their stuff, and let them know that next time you would like to see a woman over the knee getting spanked. The caption could read: "We need to discuss a few things with you."

The Editor