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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

See it in the Theatre..Or get spanked!

When it comes to spanking in theatrical productions, most of you are probably aware of the classic Kiss Me Kate, and if you follow The Spanking News you might have even heard of the not so well known play Bad Year For Tomatoes, that contains a brief scene as well. But did you know The Rocky Horror Picture Show has lots of spankings too?

Yea I know what you're probably saying, "What are you smoking Editor? I've watched the movie a dozen times in the theatre, and a million other times at home on DVD. There are no spankings in it!" But have you seen it performed live in a theatre? No? Then bend over because you are about to be spanked!
  Many thanks to the reader who alerted me to this fact. Although whether this happens at most of the live stage performances is still a mystery, but for those of you who live near or can get to Norfolk VA, have I got a treat for you. Before every LIVE performance of this legendary show, the people who admit to being "virgins" in the audience, (those who have never seen The Rocky Horror show in a theatre ...watching the video at home doesn't count!) are called up to the front of the stage to line up and be spanked. Actually paddled would be a more accurate description.

I'm not sure how many people usually get spanked before every show, but judging from some of the pictures, the line ups can be quite long. But wait there's more! Sometimes the ladies get so caught up in all the action that they flip up their skirts or take their pants down in front of the cheering crowd. And one thing I noticed right away is that a lot of these girls get into perfect position..almost too perfect. This editor is willing to bet at least a few of them have bent over for the paddle before, either at school or at home.

After all the virgins have been paddled the show gets under way, and it looks like it's a blast. Those who have attended the live show before will know it's highly interactive between the cast members and the audience. Dressing up in costume is highly encouraged, but not required of course. Some scenes call for the audience to yell things or throw stuff, but it's a good idea to check with the theatre before to find out what your allowed to bring. Some places ban throwing confetti and hot dogs but allow other props, so like I said check before you go to avoid disappointment. Many theatres sell prop bags will all the goodies you need if you want to participate.
This girl looks so sweet and innocent ;-)

Here are the details to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in all it's spanking glory as shown in this story:

Naro Expanded Cinema
When: Every last Friday of the month at 11:30
Where: 1507 Colley Ave. Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: (757) 625-6276
Price: $6.00

For listings of other areas, I found this site here that shows locations all over the US as well as locations in Canada and Overseas. Or you can try a web search for your area. As mentioned earlier, other then the shows in Norfolk VA I have no idea if the other venues spank the "virgins". If anybody happens to see a show in a different location that does, send me a email and I'll post the location on this page.

Enjoy the show!

The Editor

©2004 The Spanking News