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The band"Missing Dave" doesn't miss the target.

The Spanking News
Feb 13 2005

(Special thanks to Cecil for this news tip!)

I know what you're all probably saying "So the Editor is doing band reviews now?" Well.. yea I am! After receiving a hot news tip in my email saying I should have a look at this band from Hawaii, I figured why not, and headed over to the webpage. Now just my luck, I thought I would check back at the site while writing this review, but it appears that part of it is down, so I will have to go with my aging memory for now. Hmmmm... if I remember correctly, I started off by listening to some of their music and watching a few video clips of the band. Holy shit! This is not your average bar band! Well, they do play in bars... but my first thought was why aren't these people signed to a major lable? Or any lable unless I "missed" something. They rock! And I mean really rock!

  I'm trying to think of other bands that would describe their sound, and it's tough. But if you took Metalica, Evanescence, and maybe Sevendust and threw them into a blender.... Umm yuck, you would probably have a nasty mess! O.K forget the blender idea, and just have a listen at their website:
http://home.hawaii.rr.com/missingdave/ The videos are pretty cool too, and some look like they were made by someone who really knew what they were doing.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. There was one other reason why I was writing about this band. Until I fly down to Hawaii myself to check things out, it looks like they have some sort of audience participation thing at their shows. And by that I mean they spank willing fans right up on the stage! I'm still trying to find out the background story on all this. But I think one of their songs.. I have the video saved on my computer titled "Ass Paddle Hall of Shame" that include the lyrics: "I love the way you look at me...I love the way you smack my ass." may have something to do with it.
Maybe some of the lucky readers who visit Hawaii in the near future can write and share their experiences... and try to take some pictures for your buddy The Editor while your getting paddled!

I also just discovered I have a weakness for cute Hawaian chicks...especially when they have a microphone in one hand and a paddle in the other. I might make the trip sooner then later.

Anyways check out the site, listen to the music, go see them live if you're lucky, and don't forget to have a look at: "The Ass Paddle Hall of Shame gallery on their page". You will like what you see. Here's the link once again:
Note: Part of the page was down, so depending on when you read this you might have to check back later.

Seeing all the pictures of the band in bars made me thirsty. If off to the pub..

©2005 The Spanking News